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Episode 29 - Moisten Up (This Guy Gets It)

Episode 29 - Moisten Up (This Guy Gets It)

October 4, 2022

After an extended Summer break, Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is not only back... but it's back in Lund's basement for an unintended throwback.

Episode 29 is sponsored by Beyond Insurance... our first two-time Episode Sponsor! Owner Matt Cassidy joins us once again to drop some new insurance tidbits on us, and discusses his time as the Board President of the Red Deer Chamber of Commerce. 

You'll also get an (unneccesary) recap of everyone's Summer, a deep-dive into everyone's favourite concerts, and a music-themed game... although we use the term music very loosely.

Welp... see you in another three months!

Episode Twenty-Eight - The Ambivalent Hypmotist

Episode Twenty-Eight - The Ambivalent Hypmotist

July 12, 2022

After an unplanned three-month hiatus, Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is finally back! Did you miss us? Probably not... but that's ok. 

Episode 28 features a long-overdue crossover interview with Patrick Bateman and Peter Michaels from The Road The Stage, the flagship podcast of Communal Creative Studios, which focuses on highlighting incredible musicians from across Canada. (24:49 - 1:03:41)

There's also a lot of catching up to do - new babies, new jobs, Summer of Lund, and more... but still a lot of the same old crap. And yes, hypnotist is spelled wrong on purpose... so you'll have to listen to the whole episode for context.

Episode Twenty-Seven - Most Malleable Primate

Episode Twenty-Seven - Most Malleable Primate

April 22, 2022

Episode Twenty-Seven of Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is bringing a whole new flavour... literally. Not only is Hung Uke Ukrainian Kitchen the sponsor of this episode, it was also the site for the entire recording.

Owner Bryce Prysunka joined us to talk about his decision to completely change careers and follow his passion to open up Hung Uke, and of course what you can expect from one of Red Deer's newest restaurants. We also learn about why it's called "Hung Uke", and for those of you with dirty minds... you might just be right.

We also talk for way too long about sports movies (surprise surprise), learn some great homeowner tips from Andrew Russell, and square off in another edition of "Meal or No Meal"... this time with Ukrainian food/words (surprise surprise).

Episode Twenty-Six: Almost-Tasteful Crotch Talk

Episode Twenty-Six: Almost-Tasteful Crotch Talk

March 31, 2022

Episode Twenty-Six of Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage features a great conversation with a pair of doctors, and a lot of crotch talk (as the title suggests) - but not at the same time.

Nephrologist, Dr. Kym Kim and Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Keith Wolstenholme from the Society for Hospital Expansion in Central Alberta (SHECA) join the show to shed some light on the troubles facing the Red Deer Regional Hospital, what SHECA is doing to advocate for the future, and what the recent $1.8 billion government announcement means for the hospital. (14:58 - 51:56)

Then, because 35 minutes of intelligent conversation was all we could handle, we spend a lot of time talking about embarrassing injuries, mostly in the genital-areas, and you'll hear more about our host's most private parts than you probably care to. (1:12:31 - 1:39:42)

To cap things off, the first round of the 'Oh Deer Faceoff' sees Dustin, Walsh, Lund and Ted all battle in a game of "WHAT THE FLICK?". (1:39:41 - 1:51:40) This one is quite something, so... enjoy?

Episode Twenty-Five - Cars, Cans & Cartoons

Episode Twenty-Five - Cars, Cans & Cartoons

March 8, 2022

Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage has officially hit the quarter-century mark for episodes. Not really worth celebrating... but we're gonna anyways. Try and stop us.

Episode Twenty-Five is sponsored by Alberta European Motorworks and Alberta Asian Motorworks, and our special guest is Mike Pasman (7:36 - 47:44), who manages both businesses - which have been owned by his family for over 15 years, and three years, respectively. He fit right in on the podcast, as he took us all over the place: the ins-and-outs of the car repair business, his craft beer side hustle, nice cans, fried chicken-loving gorillas, and so much more.

Then, in a new Andrew Russell segment called "Just the Tips", we talk for way too long about how trimming the bush around your deck helps you sell your house quicker... seriously. You can't make this stuff up (53:06 - 1:00:27). And then, we take another trip down memory lane as we discuss everyone's favourite cartoon characters (1:03:18 - 1:23:31) . We'd tell you to enjoy, but we're not the boss of you.




Episode Twenty-Four - Thyme Warp

Episode Twenty-Four - Thyme Warp

February 17, 2022

Episode Twenty-Four of Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is a smorgasbord of fun... with a couple of leaps through the Quantum Realm thrown in.

Our special February food-themed episode features Chef Phil Mayo, a professional Chef who recently moved to Red Deer from England (21:48 - 59:28), and he might just be Red Deer's most interesting man.

With a pair of big family-friendly Winter events coming up in February, we chatted about Winterfest x the Big Jig in Sylvan Lake, and The ACFA Red Deer Winter Carnival (1:06:34 - 1:13:56), so mark them in your calendars! Then, with a brand new partnership agreement and a brand new segment, we got a quick update on Red Deer Real Estate with the first Andrew Russell Market Update (1:03:41 - 1:06:08), and then he stuck around to talk about other stuff with us too.

And since we liked Phil so much, we also kept him around for the whole show as we debated the top comfort foods (1:14:43 - 1:35:28), and had him run the seventh and final round of Dustin vs Walsh, with a game of 'Meal or No Meal'.

To finish the night off, after we (rightfully) made fun of a lot of weird British dishes, we each took a spin on Phil's Wheel of "It Probably Won't Kill You" to see which British dish we'd each have to try. (1:35:28 - 1:51:05)

So, if you like to learn about food, and you like good podcasts, we've got you covered on 50 per cent of those things. Bon Appétit!

Episode Twenty-Three - ”I Had a Velvet Sack, Too”

Episode Twenty-Three - ”I Had a Velvet Sack, Too”

February 8, 2022

Episode Twenty-Three of Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is all about hand-me-downs, human hands, and hopscotch. (That will make sense once you listen. Maybe.)

This one is sponsored by Sacks Thrift Avenue, and we sat down for an interview with owner Vincent Molgat at Sacks (12:22 - 40:42) to talk about vintage clothing, classic records, and got a pretty cool history lesson in music mediums. Plus we found some super cool stuff to wear.

While Andrew Russell somewhat-adequately fills in for Co-Worker Erin, you'll hear all about the gang's ice fishing trip with Sun Sport Recreation (42:54 - 55:53), an update on Dustin's Spanish song (56:36 - 59:16), a story about how entertaining at a children's party can go wrong (59:16 - 1:04:13), and a deep-dive into the past with a nostalgic look at some of the best toys in history (1:10:06 - 1:27:36). And, to cap things off, Round Six of Dustin vs Walsh puts their Red Deer knowledge to the test - and it doesn't go great (1:27:36 - 1:37:27). 

All in all, we give this episode a 5.5/10, which puts it into a 23-way tie for our best episode yet!


Episode Twenty-Two - A Whole Bunch of Bull Skit

Episode Twenty-Two - A Whole Bunch of Bull Skit

January 27, 2022

Episode Twenty-Two of Oh, Deer... presented by Bo's Bar & Stage is the first recording of 2022... and it's New Year, Same Oh, Deer.

Jenna Goldade and Amy Erlandson from Bull Skit Comedy join the show to chat about all things Bull Skit, and to teach the fellas a thing or two about improv. And yes, you guessed it... things get off the rails. (14:24 - 50:49)

The gang also looks back on the year that was (55:11 - 1:10:06), then they discuss your suggestions for the next TV series to binge watch (1:17:02 - 1:37:25) and then cap things off with a game of "News or Nonsense" in Round Five of Dustin vs Walsh. (1:37:25 - 1:47:43)

Episode Twenty-One - One Year of Oh, Deer…

Episode Twenty-One - One Year of Oh, Deer…

January 13, 2022

Somehow, Oh, Deer made it to its one year anniversary, and what a year it was! To celebrate, we had a whole bunch of friends join us at Communal Creative Studios to record Episode 21 and help us look back on the year that was:

Thanks to everyone who joined us for our One Year Anniversary episode, and thank you to everyone for their support so far... cheers to another year of Oh, Deer!

Episode One And-A-Half - Here Goes Nothing… Again (The Director‘s Cut)

Episode One And-A-Half - Here Goes Nothing… Again (The Director‘s Cut)

December 11, 2021

Every 'um'. Every stutter. Every mistake. Every argument between Ted and Lund... it's all here in the special One Year Anniversary edition of the first ever episode of Oh, Deer!

Exactly one year ago, Ted, Dustin and Lund spent a beautiful December Sunday afternoon out on Lund's deck, and even though they had no idea what they were doing, took a shot in the dark and recorded a podcast. Fast forward 365 days later, and they still don't know what they're doing, but they hide it better.

So, as a thank you to all of you for your incredible support, they're tricking you into bumping up their download numbers by making you go back and listen to an episode you already listened to... BUT, now you get a peek behind the curtain to hear what a raw, unedited episode of Oh, Deer sounds like... and as you can imagine, it's not great.

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